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0811-27 / Fremdartikel Bush-Obama-Clinton - Das Drogenkartell


Obama forderte die Geheimakten des FBI

über die Bush's, die Clinton's und die Drogen

Nur ungern stelle ich einen Fremdartikel ein - aber die General-Mobilmachung und die nachfolgenden Angaben können in Zusammenhang stehen:

November 14, 2008

Bush Threatens Obama With Nuclear Strike

After Attack On FBI

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

Russian Intelligence reports are stating today that President Bush was ‘completely livid’ over President-Elect Obama’s attempt to gain access to the secretive FBI files on the Bush-Clinton-CIA drug empire and which we had previously reported on in our report “FBI Building Attacked Over Obama Attempt To Find Bush-Clinton Billions”.

Shockingly, these reports state, Bush ‘immediatelydispatched US Senator Hillary Clinton, the former American President Bill Clinton’s wife, to Chicago to meet with Obama’s Forces and ‘warn’ them that any further attacks against the Bush-Clinton-CIA forces would result in an ‘immediate’ nuclear strike on Iran, and should Russia interfere it would be struck too.

These reports further state that upon receiving Bush’s warning, Obama offered a ‘complete amnesty’ to the Clintons if they broke away from the Bush and CIA coup plotters and would give Hillary Clinton the position of United States Secretary of State in his new administration in a deal brokered by Obama’s ‘new best friend’ US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, and who has previously ‘vowed’ to destroy the Bush-Clinton-CIA drug empire.

More ominously, perhaps, was CIA director General Mike Hayden further warning Obama that “Al Qaeda remains the single greatest threat to the United States”, and which Russian Intelligence Analysts explain is the way these American ‘factions’ warn each other of impending attacks upon the United States should their power be threatened.

The threat by Bush against Iran and Russia also appears to be a further direct threat against the agreements worked out between Obama and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by Americas Top Military Leaders as we had reported on in our October 25th report “Iranian Leader In Secret Meet With Obama At US Military Stronghold In Hawaii” and October 27th report “Obama-Ahmadinejad Meet Spurs Attacks On Syria, CIA”.

In these reports we had detailed the ‘agreements’ made between Obama and Ahmadinejad that called for the US recognition of Iran and in return the Iranian President stepping down from office, and which as we can read both are now working towards achieving:

The Washington Post on Tuesday said that Mr Obama wants to explore a more regional strategy in Afghanistan, including the possibility of negotiations with Iran.

Hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's failure to share out Iran's oil income more fairly has raised doubts over his chance of securing a second-term in next year's election.”

Obama is further reported to be calling upon his election opponent US Senator John McCain to assist him in his fight against the Bush-Clinton-CIA drug empire and is to meet with him in Chicago early next week.

President Medvedev, meanwhile, continues to prepare Russia for Total War against the United States should the Bush Forces win and is traveling to South America and Cuba to solidify Russian defenses in those regions against the United States. Russia has further warned the United States that it will pull out of the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty should attempts to expand NATO forces to the border Nations of Georgia and Ukraine be continued.

Bush forces in the United States responded to Russia’s warnings by saying that they would continue to seek NATO Membership for Georgia and Ukraine and warning that they would also keep building their so called missile shield on Russia’s border too.

President Medvedev then went past the Bush forces and told the Obama forces that should the United States cease their aggressive moves against Russia he would abandon the plans to place nuclear missiles on Western Europe’s border.

European Nations have also responded against the Bush forces by announcing their resumption of partnership talks with Russia and France’s President Sarkozy stating that “putting a [US] missile defense system in Europe would do nothing to help European security”.

President Sarkozy also slammed the Bush forces over their actions during Georgia’s war with Russian and warned that the risk of Global Economic War is increasing as the Americans ‘stand by’ while the US dollar continues to collapse.

To all of these events, and the hundreds of others continuing as this Grand Game is being played out, there remains little evidence that the American people are preparing themselves for the catastrophes soon to befall them, let alone seeking to understand the true intentions that lay behind them. But to their greatest warning, perhaps, and in yet another case of ‘life imitating art’, a new movie called Valkyrie which details the 1944 assassination plot against Adolph Hitler is due to open in the United States in December and which if these people understood the true motives of these things would truly know how much horror is awaiting them.

Sadly, however, they cannot see or hear these things as their eyes and ears remain closed to all the warnings being shouted at them.

© November 14, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved for"" Da jedoch dieser Artikel in Zusammenhang mit der Generalmobilmachung stehen kann, habe ich diesen Artikel mit Referenz zu Whatdoesitmean eingestellt.

Daß die Bush's und die Clinton's Drogen-Dealer-Familien sind, sollte jedem bekannt sein - sie alle sind nur kriminelles Gesocks.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Zutrauen würde ich diesen Bestien jeden Massenmord um ihre eigenen Verbrechen zu vertuschen,ich kann mir nur nicht vorstellen dass OBAMA wirklich Interesse daran hat diese Verbrecher zu grillen.

Ich glaub noch immer dass er auf die eine oder andere Weise dazu gehört.

Wäre aber schön wenn ich mich Täusche;);)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Wie wär's mit der Version, dass Obama
seinen Anteil am Geschäft will und seine Ansprüche auf die unter Politikern übliche Art anmeldet?

Anonym hat gesagt…

@ 21:15
Das kann ich mir schon eher vorstellen.
So beeilen hätte er sich dann aber nicht müssen,der hat ja noch Zeit sein Blutgeld zu machen.

Bin echt neugierig wo das noch alles Endet.